What people are saying about our restaurant

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

The staff were friendly and the meat in the dishes my wife and I ordered were incredibly tender. We had passed the place many times before and thought it looked classy and actually eating there reinforced that first impression. A lovely place to spend date night with my wife!

Daniel Farrugia

posted on Google Reviews - 18 May 2018

I’ve been to Cocochine more than a dozen times and I have never had a bad experience. Saturday evening we went and had a couple of entrees and went in for the peppered lamb cutlets as main course. Everything we had was excellent. The service was perfect. I would recommend this restaurant!

Drew Elsley

posted on Facebook - 17 December 2018

Food and service was great even though it was a busy night. Staff was friendly and worked as quick as they could. Food came out in a timely manner, well presented and exceeded me and my partner’s expectations. Would highly recommend for Chinese cuisine if you’re in the area!

Jessica Chen

posted on Zomato - January 18 2019

Our Recommendations

Here are some of our personal favourites we can recommend to everyone!

Honey Pepper Fillet Steak
Tender fillet steak, pan fried in a sweet pepper sauce, served on a bed of Asian greens
Peking Chilli Honey Beef
Julienne tender strip of beef and carrot cooked until crispy, wok tossed in a sweet and chilli sauce
Mustard Prawns
Wok tossed prawns in a chef special mustard mayonnaise sauce served in a potato basket
Fried Duck with Red Curry
Double cooked succulent pieces of duck, accompanied by aubergine & topped with a creamy red curry
Steamed Oysters with X.O Sauce
Steamed oysters with a touch of X.O sauce and spring onion to give a satisfying kick out of a seafood favourite
Three Flavour Fish
Battered fish fillet, deep fried to perfection and topped with chef's special Thai spicy sweet and sour sauce
Soft Shell Crab Mini Bao
A succulent fried crab, yet with a slight crunch placed in a soft, steamed bao topped with Japanese mayonnaise to create one mouth-watering starter
Thai Beef Salad
Sliced char-grilled beef fillet tossed with lime juice, fish sauce, fresh chilli, red onion, tomato and garnished with fresh coriander

A perfect dinner requires the perfect dining envrionment !

Our Interior

We believe our interior is as crucial to our success as quality food and excellent service. That’s why we ensure we are able to provide the perfect dining environment suitable for any experience. Birthdays, dates, anniversaries, work dinner or just a simple night out. We’ve got you covered!